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A few shots are included of events we have been involved with and had just as much fun as our customers !!  Life is great .... a party is WONDERFUL .. Call us over and make it FANTASTIC


Please use this opportunity to celebrate your fabulous event with us. Send us a j-peg of your event that we've been involved with and we will include it in the gallery. Please tell us clearly if you want us to blur out faces. Thanks for your support. Please forward j-pegs to hotchilli151@netscape.net


Imran Khan Special Ladies Night was sooooo Right !!
This guy was soooo nice ! Body & Soul - & what a voice !!
Dj Dil Put him down !!
He has a show to do - & so do you -
 Chak de fatey yaar !
- & what a show it was - all the Superstars in The House say  - Yo !!!


Dil with Sam Faiers at the O2 .... kicking it Gangham Style !!! Celebrity Big Brother Finalist 2014 Sam Faiers is the nicest person you have ever met !!! ... she is even polite and nice about Dj Dil's haircut !!!   I'm saying it before the haters do !! 


 Let's Go and Party- Sharty !!
















'Woh .. Khay-keh Paaan ......!!!

That's what I call a mehndi party !!
















We are always Number 1 !!  

We know how to style it out !!












Happy 21st Birthday Anesha. You GO-GIRLIE !!!

Partying on down at the 'Essence Bar', London, with a fantastic atmosphere thanx to all your guests and some of your family. A great night with 'Asian Female Dj Dil', spinning dem discs dem. 

What were your feet telling you at the end of the night ?? AMAZING HEELS !!


     It's in the eyes !! Errr .... how many pints was that ? Now ... come on everyone ... 'Strike a Pose' !!!




Party !!! Party !!!! Party !!!!!!!!!


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Asian Female Dj - All the Spice you need !!