Bhangra music and bhangra dance has evolved into many forms however, maintains its influences from its traditional roots, which is the uniqueness of bhangra music that uses the element of creating the fusion between young and old generations.

The definition of “Bhangra” is a popular energetic form of 'folk dance' of the people of Punjab, which has developed into a label for a popular style of music combining traditional Bhangra music and songs with modern Western instruments and rhythms.

From originating in Punjab it has been popularised by the Punjabi community in Britain. This popularity has spread to all Punjabi communities worldwide. Bhangra can still be accessed in its traditional form, dancing, music and song, which is performed at weddings, parties and Vaisakhi.

Bhangra has now two forms, the traditional art and the contemporary commercial industry but they are both intrinsically linked.


We have fantastic bhangra dancers who we work with to suit all budgets. We have worked with a variety of groups with spectacular bhangra dance displays.


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