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Arabic music is a term used to describe the music of Arabic-speaking people or Arab countries. It also describes several genres and styles of music ranging from Arabic classical or traditional to  Arabic pop music, Arabic dance music and Arabic East and West mixes, this includes from secular to sacred religious music.

Arabic music has been interacting with many other regional music. It influenced and has been influenced by others like ancient Greek, Persian, Turkish, Indian, African(i.e. Berber & Swahili, Egyptian) and European music (i.e. Flamenco). As in other art and science fields, the Arabs translated and developed Greek texts and works of music and mastered the music theory of the Greeks (i.e. Systema ametabolon, enharmonium, chromatikon, diatonon).  Peter van der Merwe explains that, "The common style that developed is usually called 'Islamic' or 'Arab', though in fact it transcends religious, ethnic, geographical, and linguistic boundaries," and it has been suggested that it be called the "Near East style" (from Morocco to India and China).


Our experienced djs have a selection of Arabic Music.

Additional Personalised Playlist is available upon request for small additional cost



Arabic Music -

This includes Swahili Music, vibrant and wild.

Arabic Music -

This includes Egyptian Music  with funky beats and tuneful ballads.

Arabic Music -

This includes Iraqi Music with folk tunes and now newly mixed dance tunes.

Arabic Music -

This includes Somalian Music both traditional and modern.

Arabic Music -

This includes Arabic latest tunes straight from the charts.


We have Bellydancers who dance at your event. Our tasteful and attractive bellydancers are professional arabic, egyptian and even cabaret style of eclecticism to spark out your party or event.

Our bellydancers will be dressed in beautiful traditional dress. We can only describe this as vibrant and colourful. Our dancers are friendly and attractive. We can also creative a wonderful atmospheric interactive effect through participation and personalised instruction in a bellydance workshop type dance numbers where your audience and guests can be taught specialised bellydance moves so they can enjoy the party even more !!!

Just call us and we will make sure your party is a memorable

& fun event.


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We specialise in Themed Mendhi Party Music -

Just Choose from the vast selection.

Mendhi parties and Hen parties are very popular and often a large event in itself with a traditional or themed affair, like an Arabian setting.  We can decorate your venue like an Arabic desert-midst harem complete with incense sticks and food. Cue the music and we can all have an Incredible Night.


We work with you all the way.


Our collection of Mendhi music for this popular event includes, a large variety of Mendhi songs, Arabic hits, Gujarati & Hindi melodies. The Hindi selections can be from the great golden oldies era for the older generation right upto the latest hits, thus allowing all age groups to enjoy themselves. We can mix your tracks with Pakistani geets, English chart music, R&B and even African or Salsa music.


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